Tap & Hip-Hop

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Tap is a rhythm-based movement technique and an important part of the well-rounded dancer’s training. Tap provides a strong sense of musicality, dynamics, and performance quality. There is no ballet requirement to take Tap.

Tap Schedule

Session 2 2022: January 10-June 5
RegisterIntro Tap
7-8 years
RegisterTap 1Tuesday6:30-7:30pm9 -11 yearsCameron
RegisterTap 2Monday6:15-7:15pmBy RecCameron
RegisterTap 3Monday5:15-6:15pmBy RecCameron
RegisterTap 4Tuesday5:30-6:30pmBy RecCameron
RegisterTap 5Tuesday5:15-6:15pmBy RecJulie
RegisterTap 6Tuesday7:30-8:30pmBy RecJulie


Hip-Hop is a movement technique that evolved from street dance and includes elements of popping, locking, breaking, and improvisation. There is no ballet requirement for Hip-Hop.

Hip Hop Schedule

Session 2 2022: January 10-June 5
RegisterHip-Hop 1Monday4:15-5:15pm9-11 yearsIrfan
RegisterHip-Hop 1Saturday12:30-1:30pm9-11 yearsPollux
RegisterHip-Hop 2Monday5:15-6:15pmBy RecIrfan
RegisterHip-Hop 2Wednesday6:15-7:15pmBy RecEldridge
RegisterHip-Hop 3Wednesday4:15-5:15pmBy RecEldridge
RegisterHip-Hop 4Monday6:30-7:30pmBy RecIrfan
RegisterHip-Hop 5Wednesday5:15-6:15pmBy RecEldridge
RegisterHip-Hop 6Monday8:30-9:30pmBy RecIrfan