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  • Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Hip Hop: white t-shirt and black jazz pants, shorts, or tights. White socks and black shoes for Ballet, Jazz, or Tap. Clean light-sole sneakers for Hip Hop. Bare feet for Modern.
  • Beginning Boys and Continuing Boys: Close-fitting white t-shirt and black athletic shorts, just above the knee, white socks, and black Ballet shoes.
  • Men's Technique: Close-fitting white t-shirt, gray or black tights, white socks, and white Ballet shoes.
  • MODERN Black leotard and black footless tights or leggings.
  • JAZZ Solid color leotard and black tights or black capri leggings. Shorts are not permitted below Jazz 4.
  • TAP Solid color leotard and tights or jazz pants, socks, and tap shoes.
  • HIP HOP Solid color top or leotard, stretchy athletic/dance pants, clean light-sole sneakers.
  • BALLET Leotard* is worn with pale pink tights and pink slippers.
    Camisole leotards are not permitted in levels below 2B or Cecchetti II.
    Halter leotards are not permitted below Academy level.
  • HAIR Must be in a bun for Ballet Basics and above. For all other classes, hair must be secured off the face and neck. NO JEWELRY.

    (No skirts please!)
    Tippy Toes: Pale Pink 123
    Tippy Toes 1 - Pale Pink 123
    Tippy Toes 2 - Butter Yellow 3
    Pre-Ballet 1: Light Blue 123
    Pre-Ballet 2 - Lilac 1/Orchid 3
    Basics: Royal Blue 3
    Ballet 1A: Mulberry 5
    Ballet 1B: Hunter Green 12
    Ballet 2A: Navy Blue 12
    Ballet 2B: Burgundy 13
    Ballet 3: Garnet 4
    Ballet 4: Royal 4
    Ballet 5: Raspberry 3
    Academy 1: Chocolate 34
    Academy 2: Gray 3
    Academy 3: Any solid color
    Cecchetti: Black
    Teen Ballet: Black
    Brands: 1 Eurotard, 2 Capezio, 3 Motionwear, 4 Mirella, 5 Body Wrappers