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BeMoved® Dance Fitness
Sundays 10-11am with Debbie Kristofek

Designed by renowned choreographer Sherry Zunker, BeMoved is the new dance fitness experience for adults of all ages and skill levels. BeMoved inspires participants to embrace dance as a lifelong path to health, joy and fulfillment. Each week focuses on a different musical genre such as Bollywood, Gospel Pop, Swing, Latin and Disco. BeMoved lifts our emotional spirits, keeps us socially connected and enhances our mental and physical fitness — all while having fun!

Tuesdays 10-11:30am, Sundays 8:30am-12pm – See website for full details

Leslie has been teaching yoga since 1984. She teaches in the Iyengar tradition and brings a unique style and vision to her classes. Leslie has been to India to study yoga with the Iyengars and she continues her yoga education with other senior teachers in the United States. Her classes are for experienced yogis as well as those just starting out.

Saturdays 9-10am
Drop in any time for only $10.

“What you can expect in my class.... I have not been dancing my whole life, but when I found Zumba it all changed! I can move it with the best of them. I cannot express the joy and passion I have for Zumba. The best way to experience it is to come to a live class with me!” --Suzy Crawford

Zumba classes are exhilarating, fun, easy to follow, happy, challenging, accessible to all levels. Dance Diva to Basic Beginner.

Artistic Director, Stephanie Paul

Be the Groove is a rhythmic performance ensemble that believes rhythm is not just a beat—rhythm is a mode of expression. This Chicago based group fuses a variety of movement, percussion, and rhythmic techniques to create a unique style of its own. Through high-energy performances and a strong commitment to education, Be the Groove seeks to share its love of rhythm with people everywhere.

Artistic Director, Julie Cartier

Cartier Collective is one of Chicago’s finest rhythm dance ensembles. Dedicated to the art of tap dance, the company features an eclectic repertoire of pulsating rhythms and exciting movement. A group of skilled and polished performers, The Cartier Collective comes together to present a sleek and enticing rhythmic heartbeat. From smooth sophisticated rhythms to the bounce and flash of Broadway, the Cartier Collective continues to push the rhythmic pulse of entertainment. See the music, hear the dance….It’s a sure hit!

Artistic Director, Mike Gosney

Artistic Director Mike Gosney co-founded Elements with dancer and Managing Director Joseph Caruana in 2005. Using the four elements of nature—fire, earth, air, and water, representing expression, physicality, focus, and freedom—as a basis for creating unique and high caliber new works, Gosney and Caruana have built a repertory that includes work by up-and-coming choreographers from such prestigious companies as Houston Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, BJM Danse, Armitage Gone! Dance, and River North Chicago Dance Company.

Artistic Director, Enid Smith

Enid Smith debuted enidsmithdance in Evanston in 2008. The company has presented original work at A John Cage Festival, The Drucker Center, Links Hall, Evanston SPACE, The A.W.A.R.D Show! Chicago, the Evanston Dance Showcase, and the Dance Chicago Festival. Avid collaborators, the company has recently created work with A Musical Offering, Chicago Scratch Orchestra,, and visual artist Andrew Rauhauser. Enid received a 2009 Evanston Cultural Arts Fund Grant for her evening length work Watch This Instead. enidsmithdance seeks to create works of pure dance, technically and intellectually challenging to both the performer and the audience, more often to evoke a feeling and create an environment than to tell a linear story.