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THE ACADEMY PROGRAM for Pre-Professional Dancers

Academy students enroll in Ballet, Pointe, and Modern, but are also welcome to add Tap and Hip Hop to their schedules. Students in the Academy level are expected to continue their Cecchetti training through Intermediate Professional Grade VI. A Grade VII class is available by special appointment for dancers at the Advanced Professional level.

Academy level classes are open by recommendation only. Students committing to the full Academy program (below) have first priority for placement in Academy classes.

Academy class recommendations:

3 Academy Ballet, 1 Cecchetti, 3 Pointe, 1 Modern, and 1 Jazz

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Academy 1 Ballet7:15-8:45Laura B
Academy 1 Pointe8:45-9:30Laura B
Academy 2 Ballet7:15-8:45Béa
Academy 2 Pointe8:45-9:30Béa
Academy 3 Ballet7:15-8:45Mike
Academy 3 Pointe8:45-9:30Mike

Academy 1 Jazz4:00-5:15Julie
Academy 1 Modern7:00-8:15Allie
Academy 2 Jazz6:15-7:30Julie
Academy 3 Jazz8:30-9:45Julie

Academy 1 Jazz6:00-7:15Calyn
Academy 1 Ballet7:15-8:45Mike
Academy 1 Pointe8:45-9:30Mike
Academy 2 Ballet7:15-8:45Betsy
Academy 2 Pointe & Variations8:45-9:30Betsy
Academy 3 Ballet7:15-8:45Victoria
Academy 3 Pointe & Variations8:45-9:30Victoria

Academy 1 Modern7:30-8:45Christina
Academy 2 Modern8:00-9:15Enid
Academy 3 Modern6:45-8:00Enid

Academy 1 Ballet12:00-1:15Béa
Academy 1 Pointe1:15-2:00Béa
Academy 2 Ballet12:00-1:15Mike
Academy 3 Ballet12:00-1:15Laura B
Academy 2&3 Pointe1:15-2:00Laura B

Academy 2&3 Ballet11:00am-12:15pmLaura G
Academy 2&3 Pointe12:15-1:00Laura G

Photos by Matt Glavin