Academy Program

For Session II 2021, Academy classes will be held in a hybrid model with students alternating each week between attending live in-person or online via Zoom unless otherwise noted. Should the total enrollment for a hybrid class meet social distancing requirements, that class can be moved to all in-person once the session is underway. There is also a virtual only option for each class. Please see Calendar & Info for more information.

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The Academy Program

Academy students are expected to take a wide variety of classes, including Ballet, Pointe, Cecchetti, Modern, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop to become well-rounded dancers. The Academy Program is available to students by recommendation only.

Academy class recommendations:
3 Ballet/Pointe, 1 Cecchetti, 1 Modern, 1 Jazz, and 1 Tap and/or 1 Hip Hop

Academy Schedule

Session II 2021: January 4-June 13
RegisterIn Person OR OnlineAcademy 1 BalletMonday5:15-6:30pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterIn Person OR OnlineAcademy 1 PointeMonday6:30-7:00pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterIn Person OR OnlineAcademy 1 BalletWednesday7:45-9:00pmBy RecBéa
RegisterHybridAcademy 1 PointeWednesday9:00-9:30pmBy RecBéa
RegisterIn Person OR OnlineAcademy 1 BalletSaturday10:45am - 12:00pmBy RecKara
RegisterHybridAcademy 1 PointeSaturday12:00-12:30pmBy RecKara
RegisterHybridAcademy 1 ModernThursday5:30-6:45pmBy RecEnid
RegisterHybridAcademy 2 BalletMonday7:15-8:45pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterHybridAcademy 2 PointeMonday8:45-9:15pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterHybridAcademy 2 BalletWednesday7:15-8:45pmBy RecShelby
RegisterHybridAcademy 2 PointeWednesday8:45-9:15pmBy RecShelby
RegisterHybridAcademy 2 BalletSaturday12:30-2:00pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterHybridAcademy 2 PointeSaturday2:00-2:30pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterHybridAcademy 2 ModernThursday7:00-8:15pmBy RecEnid
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 BalletMonday7:00-8:30pmBy RecMike
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 PointeMonday8:30-9:00pmBy RecMike
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 BalletWednesday6:30-8:00pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 PointeWednesday8:00-8:30pmBy RecVictoria
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 BalletThursday6:15-7:45pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 PointeThursday7:45-8:15pmBy RecLaura G
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 BalletSaturday12:00-1:30pmBy RecMike
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 PointeSaturday1:30-2:00pmBy RecMike
RegisterHybridAcademy 3 ModernThursday8:30-9:45pmBy RecEnid
RegisterIn Person OR OnlineAcademy 1/2 JazzTuesday8:15-9:30pmBy RecShelby
RegisterHybridAcademy 1/2 JazzThursday8:15-9:30pmBy RecCalyn
RegisterHybridAcademy 2/3 JazzTuesday8:15-9:30pmBy RecJulie
RegisterHybridAcademy 2/3 JazzTuesday5:30-6:45pmBy RecJulie